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The Asthma Wizard
Chapter 2: What Is Asthma? An Asthma Activity

Here is a fun and hands on activity that you can do and it will make you understand your asthma better.

You will need two pieces of paper for this activity.

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  • Roll up a piece of paper like a tube. Pretend this is an airway in your lungs.
  • Put your hand at one end of the tube.
  • Blow through the other end of the tube.
  • Feel the air that goes through the tube.

When the airways are open, air can get in and out easily.

What happens to the air you breath in and out when asthma gets worse?

  • Roll up another piece of paper like a tube.
  • Crumple the piece of paper make it really tight. Pretend this is an airway when your asthma gets worse.
  • Put your hand at one end of the tube.
  • Blow through the tube again.
  • Can you feel the air go through the tube now?

See how hard it is for air to get through the tube. This is what it's like in the airways when asthma gets worse. It gets hard to breathe.

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