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The Asthma Wizard
Chapter 17: Do You Know What Happens When You Smoke? - Page 2

People who smoke a long time can get a disease that makes them have a hard time breathing. For them, every breath is uncomfortable, every day of their lives.

Notice how Zach's lungs inflate. He can take deep breaths. David's lungs do not inflate much. He has trouble breathing

You can do an easy experiment to see how it feels. Get a straw. Skinny straws are the best, but any kind will work. Next, put the straw in your mouth and pinch your nose. Breathe only through the straw for a little while. Stop when you feel bad and need a big breath. Smokers can't stop and take a big breath. Do you want to feel like that every day? Of course not, SO DON'T SMOKE!

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