Coping Strategies

Here are three attitudes to approach stress management:

  1. Accept
    Accept stress as part of life and build up resistance to its effects. Set priorities instead of focusing on the problem itself. Adopt a "learn to live with it" attitude.
  2. Alter
    Modify the situation by understanding you have choices. The choices are to change the situation, or to change yourself.
  3. Avoid
    Avoid unnecessary stressors by recognizing signs of stress and realizing what provoked it.


Coping Strategies for Stress Relief

  1. Look for humor in the situation... laughter is the best medicine.
  2. Learn to forgive not only others but yourself.
  3. Set some goals in life... make sure they are realistic.
  4. Talk... find a listening ear to vent frustrations. Minimize the negative and maximize the positive.
  5. Exercise your mind and your body.
  6. Be aware of limitations, but focus on abilities.
  7. Practice relaxation techniques... deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, imagery, music.
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