Body Changes with Age

You and your partner should be aware of the normal changes in sexual function that occur as you get older. It is important to know that these changes occur normally as a person gets older. 


Changes that Happen in Men

  • You may notice that it takes longer to achieve an erection.

  • Your erection may not be as hard as it used to be.

  • The time between ejaculation and being able to achieve another erection may be longer.


Changes that Happen in Women

  • Your vaginal lubrication may decrease with age. An artificial, water-soluble lubricant will help avoid irritation, and a petroleum-based lubricant is not recommended. You also may need more caressing.  

  • Your vaginal wall may also become thinner and lose muscle tone. Your healthcare provider may recommend hormone replacement therapy or use of estrogen vaginal cream.


This information has been approved by Ann Mullen, AE-C, CNS, MSN, RN (June 2015).


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