• Reviewed on 7/13
    By Ann Mullen, RN

COPD: Emotional Management

Communicating with Your Partner

Talking with your partner is an important part of dealing with how your chronic lung disease may affect your sexual relationship. It is common for people to find this difficult. There are several things you can do to make it easier.

  • First of all, start talking. Once you begin to talk, you may discover that it is easier to talk each time. A good way to start may be asking your partner to read these pages with you. Try to find a time to talk that will be free of distractions such as the television, telephone or children. If you or your partner still have trouble talking about your sexual relationship, your doctor or nurse may be able to help or refer you to someone who can help you.

  • Once you are talking, you may find it helpful to plan sex for the time of day when you feel your best. This may be different from your usual pattern.

  • Talk specifically about what gives you pleasure, both physical and emotional. Also talk about what gives you discomfort. Only you know what gives you pleasure or discomfort. Talk with your partner about what may make your breathing worse. Talk about what positions are more comfortable for you.


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