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Discover more about the doctors at National Jewish Health, the leading respiratory hospital in the nation for 115 years.

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Healthcare Professionals: Laboratory Testing

Advanced Diagnostic Laboratories offers a comprehensive menu of assays, with extensive expertise in complement, immunology, molecular diagnostics, metals testing (beryllium and nickel) and mycobacteriology (TB & NTM). Learn more.

Our Patients Say...

Haden Bakk

“Haden tells me that every day is the greatest day of his life, and I have to agree. Like the sign outside National Jewish Health says, ‘You only pass through once - make it count.’”
- Kausha, mother of Haden Bakk

Kara Haines

“I remember Dr. Iseman came in on Christmas Day to change my gauze. I owe my life to National Jewish Health."
-Kara Haines

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