Elementary School Lesson Plans

This is a list of lesson plans for elementary grade levels.

The Colors of Air Pollution Relay  (Grade K)

Studentswill investigate air quality by using the Air Quality Index. Students willdistinguish between healthy air days and unhealthy air days and how the AirQuality Index gives us important information about the air quality.

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Wanted: Clean Air  (Grade K)

            Studentswill demonstrate an understanding of why clean air is important after reading ashort story and observing pictures. They will be able to identify some of the  causes of air pollution, including solutionson how to prevent

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Idlers: Please Stop Your Engines  (Grades 3-5)

            In groups, students will research background information on the main air pollutants. After collecting car idling data at school for one week, students make graphs using the information and create slogans for mock no-idling bumper stickers. The class will discuss idling and why it's not good for our health.  

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Plants on Pollution Patrol  (Grade 4)

Students will discover what biomonitoring is and how it can help determine the ecological health of ournational parks. The class will complete field studies, research the effectspollution has on plants and complete the "Plants on Patrol"worksheet.

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Stayin Alive  (Grade 4)

Students will learn that airpollution is an environmental change that can affect the survival or extinctionof plants and animals. Students will conduct a guided internet search to learnabout plant and animal adaptations, including those that provide protectionfrom pollution. Students will share the results of their research. The classwill engage in outdoor activities to simulate adaptations that help peoplesurvive air pollution. 

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Six Infamous AirPollutants  (Grade 5)

Students work in groups to researchthe six major air pollutants. Through amock press conference, students present information in creative ways. Havestudents "interview" each other and write an article from the interview.

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