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For what?

We seek partners (applicants) who can help build capacity for sustainable, youth-driven, environmental stewardship activities focused on air quality and human health. Applicants can propose a variety of activities within their schools, clubs, programs or organizations. Potential activities include developing and/or implementing lesson plans or curricula that link human health and air quality, starting air quality clubs, initiating anti-idling campaigns or indoor air quality campaigns, or setting up centrally located interactive learning stations open to families and schools to visit.

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Who can apply?

Awards are not granted to individuals but to organizations, educational institutions and other not-for-profit organizations. 


Eligibility criteria include:

  • Located within EPA Region 8 (Colorado, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, North and South Dakota)
  • Not-for-profit status such as schools/school districts, universities/colleges, museums, science centers, and other community not-for-profit organizations
  • Tribal schools and communities
  • Work with youth (less than 22 years of age)
  • Organizations providing programming or initiatives that link air quality and health


What is the award amount?

The maximum award is $5,000.00. You are eligible to receive only one award.


What are the expectations of awardees?

  • Participate in professional development activities (at least 4 hours) related to teaching within an inquiry-based framework that promotes critical thinking and/or related to human health and air quality. (Highly recommended programs are offered through the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. In addition, sessions will be offered through National Jewish Health and the Denver Children’s Environmental Health Center.)
  • Develop and/or implement effective educational resources and support linking air quality and human health. (Applicants MUST provide environmental educations. Submissions that propose to only develop resources will not be funded.) Characteristics of effective environmental education include:
    • Uses an inquiry-based framework
    • Fosters critical thinking skills
    • Improves environmental literacy
    • Prepares youth for future environmental stewardship activities
    • Improves environmental literacy and environmental education


For support and additional information contact:

Krysten Crews



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