Evan Zucker

Board Member Since 1993
President and CEO, Dividend
Capital Trust

Committees: Finance (Chair), Executive, Facilities & Real Estate, Nominations

Evan ZuckerEvan Zucker is a principal of Black Creek Capital LLC, a Denver-based real estate investment firm that he co-founded in 1993. Mr. Zucker also serves as CEO of Dividend Capital Trust, an industrial REIT focusing on high-quality real estate assets in key distribution markets throughout the U.S. Dividend Capital Trust is one of a number of related dividend capital entities focusing on creating and managing a variety of real estate-related funds and operating platforms targeting both hard assets and securities.

Before founding Dividend Capital, Mr. Zucker co-founded and served as CEO of American Real Estate Investment Corporation, later known as Keystone Property Trust.

Mr. Zucker holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Stanford University.

Mr. Zucker is married to Meghan Zucker.


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