Our New Visual Identity

An essential step in the brand process was the development of a new visual identity for our organization. A logo is a vital, strategic piece of communications that defines us and our aspirations, and every element of the new logo was carefully and methodically chosen for a specific reason – to trigger a unique and differentiated identification of National Jewish Health and engage everyone who sees it with who we are and where we’re headed. 

Our goal was to create an overall brand design that is reflective of the organization, distinct to the positioning and relevant to the market and our context.


At the basic level, the blue stroke line represents clinical science, and our long heritage of the color blue as a cornerstone of National Jewish Health – both as a health brand, and as the historic homage to our Jewish roots. It swirls into one side of a helix shape, to convey our scientific excellence and also creates part of a healthy human being. Cool blue is the color of stability, credibility and clinical excellence. 


The orange counter-swirl crosses the blue, completing a stylized helix shape for our scientific purpose, and also subtly conveys the multi-disciplinary and collaborative culture we are building through the intertwining flexible shape.

Orange is a brand new and warm color for us, and represents the powerful and dynamic process of transformation that we are undergoing as an organization. It is taken from the color of fire – representing the flame of knowledge, teaching and learning that burns in all of our hearts. The orange stroke forms the rest of the helix shape, and forms the rest of the body of the human figure. The very uniqueness of the orange differentiates us from all other local (and many national) healthcare brands.


 The final stroke of our new logo is the blue head of the person. It completes the logo as a symbol of human lives that we seek to improve. You’ll notice that the human figure is not standing still, but leaning or moving forward in a healthy, dynamic way, evoking the image of an athlete winning a race, which alludes to our vision to win the race for new cures and better health. The figure is neither male nor female – it is simply human, and represents the humanity in all of us.

National Jewish Health is moving into the future of science and medicine in a strong and vibrant way.  With new visions, perspectives, name, brand promise and logo, we move forward proudly and confidently. We hope this new excitement will be embraced by all who come, support and work with us at National Jewish Health.


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Last Updated: 11/2013


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