Our Positioning

The following presents key ideas that help us explain why we’re here and why we’re special:

  • Yesterday, we were all about tuberculosis, treatment and care, hospital and trial-and-error medicine. 

  • Today, we’re all about respiratory, immunologic and other basic science research, care and education; we’ve grown to become a campus and we’re about reactive medicine.

  • Tomorrow, we’ll be all about proactive science-based cures, a developing health network dedicated to personalized and preventive total health.


Our Name

The original National Jewish building.

In our history, the National Jewish Health name has also evolved. Six times, we’ve changed our name to better communicate who we were and what we were about. 

  • In 1899, we were The National Jewish Hospital for Consumptives. 

  • By 1925, we had become National Jewish Hospital at Denver. 

  • In 1965 we were National Jewish Hospital and Research Center.

  • In 1978, we became National Jewish Hospital/National Asthma Center. 

  • By 1985, we had become the National Jewish Center for Immunology and Respiratory Medicine. 

  • And in 1997, we created our ‘current’ name – National Jewish Medical and Research Center.

The one thing in common with all these names are the two words that define us – National Jewish. When you say National Jewish, it’s a proud and successful brand name that conveys a large geographic scope and years of heritage as a community cornerstone. It’s core to our history and identity and we don’t want to lose it.  In fact, we want to build on it and make it even greater.

But the descriptor part of our name, Medical and Research Center, is holding us back. Because it is specific to medical and research, it is limiting. It does not reflect the wider reach of our strategic plan into new areas of health beyond research and treatment. It also limits us to a single site or campus and does not convey our widening geographic strategy. And finally, it does not differentiate us, as there are many medical and research centers already.

The concept of health is where our organizational strategy is heading. We are moving toward personalized, proactive health, preventive medicine, – evolving medical treatment and research, education and patient care which can’t be conveyed by traditional descriptors such as hospital, medical center, health center or health system. Health also better describes our growing network beyond site specific or campus-centric traditional descriptors. Additionally, health is far more differentiating as a descriptor versus hospital, medical center, health center or health system.

Therefore, our name, from this day forward, is National Jewish Health™. We want people to know we’re more than a care or research site – we’re about a whole new way of helping people live better lives through better health. Health is a reflection of our mission, scope, breadth, vision, brand promise and leverages science and research with their subsequent impact on behavioral and lifestyle choices..

Finally, it retains our National Jewish heritage in a powerful articulation that is easy to remember and capitalizes on our market and geographic opportunities.

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Last Updated: 11/2013


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