Our Organizational Strategy

  1. We will innovate to create a new model of care that is proactive and individualized, pursuing highly interdisciplinary research discoveries and integrating those discoveries with clinical care. A strong brand can help us better tell this evolving story.

  2. Our preeminence is created by our research power and collegial culture, and we need to make major investments in faculty, facilities and systems to maximize our potential. Having a strong, well focused brand associated with faculty quality and world class facilities is vital to our long-term success.

  3. We will enhance our value creation. As NIH funding and other government grants may decline, our brand will help us create and enable new and enhanced revenue streams to support our mission and plans. This is about novel and enhanced philanthropic approaches, programs that will expand our geographic and clinical footprints well beyond respiratory areas, as well as unlocking the national value of our name. We need to make this happen.

Our Organizational Strategy

In order to do all this, we need a stronger and more innovative brand that does not confine us to old images – rather, we need a brand that will celebrate and advance our unique capabilities, culture and prominence and helps move our awareness and philanthropy to new levels. 

Our brand must account for our activities which encompass not only excellent patient care, research, and education of physicians and scientists, but includes a unique K-8 school for chronically ill children on our main medical campus, and extensive programs that address the two leading causes of behavior-associated preventable death in the United States – tobacco use and obesity. We are outgrowing ‘medical and research center’ and becoming a true Health organization. Our brand must reflect these changes.

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Last Updated: 11/2013


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