How We Built Our Brand Story

So Why a Brand Project? And Why Now? The answer is simple. We are already a good brand, but we aspire to be great. And great brands never stand still. Elevating our brand is important considering that we plan to transform human health through our research to cure diseases and our approach to leading the paradigm shift in patient care toward the practical implementation of personalized medicine.

Our project aim is to elevate the National Jewish brand and make sure that it is aligned with our institutional strategic objectives. Great brands connect emotionally to communicate who they are and what they believe. That’s where we want National Jewish to be, and we need your help to get us there with your talents, resources and efforts.


Our Foundation

Our Foundation

Like most great brands, we started with our rich heritage. We looked at our history, mission, vision, strategic plan and past work. We also interviewed hundreds of people from throughout our organization and others around the nation associated with National Jewish. This foundation is the "organizational DNA" of who we are and should always be the bedrock of our brand.  


Our Brand Assets

Building on the heritage and organizational DNA, we must leverage our current brand assets. There are four key areas of brand assets that we plan to maximize. 

  1. Our best rational asset is our name recognition among the medical community for top-ranked specialty research and care.

  2. We also plan to leverage our key emotional asset – over 109 years of serving the country by keeping people of all ages breathing and healthy through the unique experience of being treated at National Jewish. 

  3. We also plan to maximize our best experiential asset the National Jewish way:  compassionate care from highly-skilled people.

  4. We need to effectively present the cause and charitable core of the institution more effectively.


Our Attributes

We surveyed key audiences through qualitative research and determined six key attributes that will help us tell our story – attributes which build on our assets and that will help us to be better known. 

These attributes are divided into two areas: functional attributes and personality attributes.

Our functional attributes are typically factual and practical. They tell everyone our core expertise: Science, Heritage, Discovery.

Our personality attributes are more intangible and dimensional. They tell everyone our tone and manner: Leadership, Quality of Life, Individualized.


Our Brand Promise

A brand promise is the articulation of the benefits that we will deliver every time someone comes into contact with our brand.  It’s the one central idea that guides our organization. 

When we started to develop a brand promise, it made sense to start with science – National Jewish’s strong research and discovery-driven culture.  It’s the bedrock of who we are – and it has always been that way. It will likely always be that way. SCIENCE is the very core of us.

The next element of our brand promise is our reputation to lead, educate and leverage our scientific expertise to TRANSFORM research innovations to help people, and to transform the lives of patients of all ages seen at National Jewish.

The third and final element is the impact of transformational science to create personalized LIFE medicine to improve the  health of individuals  and communities.

In just three words, our brand promise is: Science Transforming Life®

You’ll see Science Transforming Life® used as a tagline, as a codification of our evolution and our strategy as well as the benefit that we provide to everyone who touches us. We have trademarked this phrase –it’s ours, and when someone asks what we do at National Jewish, we can tell them we’re all about ‘Science Transforming Life’ and tell the proud story from there.

Science Transforming Life® is more than a tagline. It’s a promise to create an entirely new category.  It’s about science being leveraged to change lives. And this will form the focus of our efforts, strategically and operationally, into the future.

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Last Updated: 11/2013


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