Monday, May 2, 2011

Pitch for food-allergy expert/ local family interview

Many children are afraid of foods and avoiding them when they don’t have to. Not only are they scared, some are not getting adequate nutrition.

The Littauers (see video), in Las Vegas, had just that experience with their son, Jack, 6. Only after a compete diagnosis, including eating the suspected allergens, did they learn that Jack could eat wheat. Getting wheat back in your diet makes a huge difference; bread, cake, cookies, spaghetti, beer (not for Jack!). 

The key is an accurate diagnosis, and not relying just on blood and skin tests, as most patients and their doctors do.

David Fleischer, MD, an assistant professor of pediatrics at National Jewish Health in Denver researches food-allergy diagnosis. He recently reported in the Journal of Pediatrics that a complete diagnosis, including oral food challenges, cut in half the number of foods people avoided.

Press release.  Paper abstract

Dr. Fleischer will be in Las Vegas and available for an interview Wednesday morning. The Littauers live in Las Vegas.

 Please contact me if this story interests you.

William Allstetter, 303-398-1002,
Director Media & External Relations
National Jewish Health

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