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Health-e-News, February 2011
Table of Contents

Regular exercise and a balanced diet are just two of the ways you can maintain a heart healthy lifestyle, so in this issue we offer information to get you started with both.

Also in this issue, read how to detect bed bugs, learn why exercise can trigger asthma and access our recently launched news blog.

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Health-e-Feature: Heart Health
Disease Information
Healthy Lifestyle
News Blog
Recent Research


Health-e-Feature: Heart Health


Disease Information

  • COPD and Emotional Management
    A diagnosis of COPD completely changes a person's life. Learn ways to cope with common feelings including depression, anxiety and fear of intimacy.


Healthy Lifestyle

  • Increase Your Bed Bug Awareness
    Bed bugs are increasingly infesting areas where people sleep and spend time in the United States. Learn the signs to look for and how to prevent infestation.


News Blog

  • We recently launched a News Blog that offers interesting insights into recent research and health topics that are making headlines. Check out the blog.


Recent Research


Health-e-News is published by the Health Initiatives Department of National Jewish Health. This information is provided to you as an educational service. It is not meant to be a substitute for consulting with your own physician.
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