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Ohio QuitLineNational Jewish Health® provides services to the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) for the operation of the statewide Ohio Tobacco QuitLine. The Pilot program operations commenced in August 2003 and as of August 2004, the Ohio Tobacco Prevention Foundation (OTPF) expanded the program statewide with National Jewish as its service provider. In July of 2008, ODH contracted with National Jewish Health to continue statewide services for the Quit Line.

National Jewish Health is responsible for all activities related to the operations of the Tobacco Quit Line. These include receiving and processing all intake calls; performing a series of up to five cessation coaching sessions; provision of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) medications; developing and selecting educational material in support of the needs for all communities in Ohio, as well as for sub-groups within these populations such as pregnant callers and teens; and program evaluation and outcomes reporting.

Through the Ohio QuitLine, National Jewish Health has developed partnerships with eight Health Plans and more than 70 Employer Groups. In the current contract with ODH, National Jewish Health provides all QuitLine services including NRT and evaluation and works closely with the Tobacco program team to promote the QuitLine.

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