Nursing Awards

2015 Outstanding Nurse of the Year: Clinical Practice
Awardee: Nancy Grier, RN

Nancy Grier currently works in a Lead Nurse position in the Pediatric Clinic at National Jewish Health. Overall she is seen as a resource by her colleagues. Colleagues who nominated her stated, “Nancy is a team leader in the pediatric clinic with a positive attitude every day. She has a can-do attitude”. This is refreshing in a year when there have been multiple changes in pediatrics. In addition colleagues stated, “She will volunteer to take on new projects or help others overcome a challenge”.

Nancy Grier plays an invaluable and key role as a preceptor for new employees and nursing students. A number of nursing students have later become employees at National Jewish Health. She is involved in multiple pediatric clinics. She helped develop the Severe Asthma Clinic at National Jewish Health and is now the RN who works in the Severe Asthma Clinic. In addition she works in the Immune Deficiency Clinic and Atopic Dermatitis Clinic. Nancy is an active and enthusiastic nurse in the pediatric clinic at National Jewish Health and in the community.

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Shelley English
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Audra Swies-Gladysh

Veronika Peltekova
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Laura Knott
Beth Richey
Shirley Valverde

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Last Updated: 10/2015

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