Saving Money and Resources Team
SMART is comprised of employees from throughout the National Jewish Health campus who represent the following areas: Advanced Diagnostic Laboratories, Environmental Services, Facilities, Food Service, Health Initiatives, Human Resources, Information Systems, Medical and Clinical Services, Nursing, Purchasing, Finance, Pediatrics, Medicine, Research Laboratories, and Safety.

Principles of Environmental and Recycling Efforts (PDF)



  • Single Stream Recycling Program: National Jewish Health is currently recycling a significant percentage of our waste through our recycler, Republic Services. This program was initiated by the Facilities Department in February 2010. The large blue recycling bins may be requested from Environmental Services at ext. 1222. Items that may be disposed in the bins include: glass, tin, plastic (1-7), cardboard, magazines and junk mail, news- papers and aluminum cans.
  • Battery Recycling: SMART recycles batteries in the Safety Department. The many batteries for pagers and other devices must not be disposed of in the regular trash. Just take your used batteries to room J03 in the basement of the Molly Blank Building. 
  • Cans for Morgridge Academy: SMART, through this recycling program has recycled 5,477 pounds of cans since its inception in 2006. The proceeds from the cans have benefit Morgridge Academy. Many children from poor families attending the asthma camp have been provided with necessary items such as pajamas, clothing, and other personal hygiene items from Cans for Morgridge Academy Program funds. SMART prefers that you dispose of aluminum cans in the special Cans for Morgridge Academy bins that are located between the Power Plant and the Southside Building to help the Morgridge Academy students.
  • Athletic Shoe Recycling: SMART has collected over 300 pairs of shoes for NIKE’s Re-Use-a-Shoe recycling program. These shoes are up-cycled into playgrounds, basketball and tennis courts, running tracks and NIKE products such as Air Jordans. Over 25 million shoes have been collected globally. SMART collects shoes at our annual Earth Day Celebration, the Benefits Fair and throughout the year in room M013 in the B’nai B’rith Building.
  • Terracycle Instrument Writing Brigade: SMART recycles writing instruments as part of the Terracycle Writing Instrument Brigade Program. Employees collect used writing instruments in Writing Instrument Recycling Boxes throughout the institution. The writing instruments are sent to Terracycle for recycling at no cost to National Jewish Health. Terracycle up-cycles the writing instruments into a large variety of consumer products. Email SMART at to request a Writing Instrument Recycling box for your area or to request pick up of recycled writing instruments.
  • Printer Cartridge Recycling: Inkjet and laser cartridges may be taken to General Stores in room J07 in the basement of the Molly Blank Building. The cartridges are recycled through CartridgesForKids and the proceeds benefit Morgridge Academy.
  • Bring Your Own Cup Program: SMART has prevented over 17,724 Styrofoam cups from reaching the landfill since 2009. This is important since Styrofoam does not disintegrate in landfills. Participation in the program has steadily increased each year. It's a great way to save money and do one's part for the environment. You save 16 cents each time you use your own cup.
  • Blue Plate Program: SMART has reduced the use of Styrofoam plates in the cafeteria by implementing the use of blue plastic plates for the salad bar. Over 11,722 Styrofoam plates were not used and did not end up in the landfill as a result of this program.
  • Supply Exchange: SMART’s Supply Exchange program has recycled unwanted into areas where they can be used. This program reduces waste resulting from over purchasing or changing department needs. SMART recommends only ordering what you need and recycling what you no longer need through the Supply Exchange, which is located on the east side of the Tucker Medical Library on the first floor of the Goodman Building.
  • Campaign to Reduce Energy Usage: SMART has developed Turn it Off Fliers and has put them up throughout the institution. Everyone can do his or her part by turning off computers, lights and other items that plug in, whenever possible.

Who belongs to SMART? SMART is comprised of employees from the main campus and the Galleria. We volunteer our time to make National Jewish a more environmentally friendly place and to save money.

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